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A Land of Ten BLANKS

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  • Kaiser Cat - $5.00
  • Orion, the Sphinx - $5.00
  • Juno, the night sky(bunny) - $5.00
  • Kid Manticore(SOLD-OUT) - $5.00
  • Fox boy/wolfie (SOLD-OUT) - $5.00
  • Croc Rev Ded(SOLD OUT) - $5.00
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For a very limited time BLANKS are available to customize on your own!

With the following characters available:

3 inch resin figures

-Orion, The 1/2 Sphinx Ruler of A Land of Ten
-Kaiser Cat, The Alley King
-Croc Rev Ded, the Swamp Demon
-The Junos, The Night Sky
-Foxboy, woodland creature
-Wolfie, woodland creature
-Kid Manticore, Proctector of A Land of Ten